Boys And Girls

Studio Album - June 1985

Bryan Ferry's sixth solo album and his first album after the demise of Roxy Music. The album was his first solo number 1 album and was released in 1985. The first single, Slave To Love was used extensively throughout the film 9 1/2 weeks and reached number 10 in UK. The follow up single Don't Stop The Dance peaked at 21 and the Windswept EP which included some unused tracks from The Bride Stripped Bare sessions reached number 46.

The album had several release dates as the making of the album took longer than expected. 30 musicians and 7 studios were employed to complete what Bryan described as his 'Meisterwerk'. Bryan was offered the Keith Forsey song Don't You (Forget About Me) to record for the film The Breakfast Club but due to being behind schedule with this album he declined the offer. Simple Minds went on to record the song which gave them their breakthrough in USA. The album's sleeve featuring a freeze frame of young couple in an embrace had altenative shots from the same sessions in UK and USA.

The Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music back catalouge was released on CD for the first time on E'G in 1984. Boys & Girls was the first album of new material by Bryan or Roxy to be released on CD on its release date.

This album is dedicated to his father Frederick Charles Ferry who died during the making of this album.

The cover girl is model Allison Bramwell

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