Chris Spedding

Chris Spedding was the lead guitarist on Bryan Ferry's early solo albums. He also played with Bryan on his 1977 In Your Mind Tour. He has been reunited with Bryan on the Roxy Music reunion tour in 2001 and is also one of the guitarists on the 'Frantic' album and 'Frantic' 2002 tour.

Chris has been involved in many recording sessions and live dates with Bryan Ferry in the last 12 years. He featured on the Dylanesque album and subsequent tour as well as playing guitar on 3 songs on the Olympia album.

Chris will take part in some of the early shows of Bryan Ferry's 2011 Olympia tour.

He has played sessions with many artists and had a solo hit with Motorbikin' in 1975 and has done many solo albums.
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Chris Spedding is credited on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums