Avonmore Deluxe Edition

Studio Album - December 2015

Bryan Ferry will release a limited edition deluxe version of his critically acclaimed album Avonmore on 4th December 2015

Only 1500 copies of the the 'Avonmore' Special Edition will be produced, and all copies are individually numbered.

The front cover features a specially commissioned illustration of Bryan Ferry by renowned fashion illustrator and portrait artist David Downton. The 48-page book contains stunning, exclusive live photography of Bryan and his spectacular 10-piece band taken by tour photographer Matthew Becker during the 2015 Avonmore Tour, plus an introduction by journalist Richard Williams, and specially printed lyric sheets.

The deluxe boxed set also includes the original album Avonmore on both heavyweight white vinyl and CD. Bonus material then adds four exclusive Avonmore remixes on a second white heavyweight 12” vinyl plus two more CDs of remixes of album tracks including unreleased cuts from Leo Zero, Idjut Boys and Synapson. The set is completed by a DVD featuring the official videos for singles Loop De Li, Johnny & Mary and Driving Me Wild.

Bryan Ferry will be signing 100 copies of the special edition for pre-orders through BryanFerry.com. All pre-orders received at the BryanFerry.com Shop before 4 December will be eligible to be randomly selected to receive a signed copy.

Avonmore Deluxe Edition Re-mix track list:

Disc: 4
1. Loop De Li (Leo Zero Remix) - Remixes CD 1
2. Loop De Li (Leo Zero Extended Dub Remix) - Remixes CD 1
3. Loop De Li (Ray Mang Remix) - Remixes CD 1
4. Midnight Train (Johnson Somerset Remix) - Remixes CD 1
5. Midnight Train (Idjut Boys House Remix) - Remixes CD 1
6. Midnight Train (Idjut Boys House Dub Remix) - Remixes CD 1
7. Soldier Of Fortune (Beard of Concern Stripped Remix) - Remixes CD 1
8. Driving Me Wild (Johnson Somerset Remix) - Remixes CD 1
9. Driving Me Wild (Leftside Wobble Dub Remix) - Remixes CD 1
10. Driving Me Wild (Leo Zero Dub Remix) - Remixes CD 1

Disc: 5
1. Driving Me Wild (Ray Mang Instrumental Dub Remix) - Remixes CD 2
2. Driving Me Wild (Synapson Remix) - Remixes CD 2
3. Avonmore (Idjut Boys Remix) - Remixes CD 2
4. Avonmore (Idjut Boys Dub Remix) - Remixes CD 2
5. Avonmore (Prins Thomas Remix) - Remixes CD 2
6. Avonmore (Johnson Somerset Remix) - Remixes CD 2
7. Lost (Johnson Somerset Remix) - Remixes CD 2
8. One Night Stand (Johnson Somerset Remix) - Remixes CD 2
9. Send In The Clowns (Metamorfozy Remix) - Remixes CD 2
10. Send In The Clowns (Leftside Wobble Remix) - Remixes CD 2

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