Studio Album - September 1994

Bryan Ferry released his 9th solo album 'Mamouna' on 5th September 1994.

This album began after Bryan Ferry's world tour in 1988/89 as an album called Horoscope. The album was mixed and cut several times, but Bryan was never happy with it. He took some time off the album to do some Elvis songs for the soundtrack to the film 'Honeymoon In Vegas'. This acted as the catylist for Bryan to take a complete break and record some old songs which became the album Taxi in 1993. Bryan went back to the Horoscope tapes and re-mixed, re-recorded and wrote some new songs which then became the album Mamouna which was released 5th September 1994. The word Mamouna is Moroccan for 'good luck' and is also a Moroccan girl's name. It reached number 11 in the UK charts and had the singles Your Painted Smile (UK number 52) and Mamouna (UK number 57)

The album had a lot of guest musicians notably ex Roxy members Phil Manzanera, Andy Mackay and for the first time since 1973 Brian Eno whom Bryan wrote the song Wildcat Days with.

The Japanese version of the album included 'In Every Dreamhoma A Heartache' & Bete Noire' both recorded live in Glasgow December 10th 1988

The original 'Horoscope' recordings have never been officially released with the exception of a re-recorded version of the Roxy Music song Mother Of Pearl which appeared on the soundtrack to 'Ordinary Decent Criminal' and on Bryan's One Way Love single. The other tracks on 'Horoscope' were The 39 Steps, The Only Face, N.Y.C., Midnight Train, Your Love Has Died, Gemini Moon (Originally called Horoscope), The Death Of Me & Mother Of Pearl.

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